About Us

Vision and Ministry

The Archdiocesan Spirituality Center is committed to nurturing the spiritual growth of the clergy, religious and lay ministers of the Archdiocese. 

The Center is dedicated to the ministry of spiritual direction as a means of encouraging this spiritual growth. 

All relationships develop as two persons pay attention to each other. Spiritual direction seeks to enable a person to be more attentive to God. It is a conversation in which the director helps the directees to grow in his/her relationship with God by noticing how God is revealed through the unique circumstances of the directees everyday life and prayer. 

The Center carries out its ministry by:

  • individual spiritual direction
  • group spiritual direction
  • training of spiritual directors
  • training of faith companions
  • supervision and on-going formation for spiritual directors
  • parish weeks of directed prayer
  • seminars, workshops and lectures in spiritual direction

The staff can make referrals for pastoral counseling and psychotherapy but the Center does not provide these services.