Internship In Spiritual Direction  

  • At the core of the ministry of the Archdiocesan Spirituality Center is the Internship Program.  Spiritual Direction is distinguished from teaching, counseling and faith companioning by this faith conversation having as its purpose discernment.  The director walks with the directee in order to deepen awareness of God's Presence.  This desire for intimacy with the Lord creates the situation of spiritual direction.  The Internship prepares the Intern to assist the directee discern the presence and movement of God in the life of the directee.

  • The ASC Internship incorporates a broad reflection on the ministry of spiritual direction within the context of today's Church.  Following the theology and methodology of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Internship prepares the Intern to guide others in on-going spiritual direction and directed retreats.

  • The honing of skills is part of the formation of a spiritual director; the essential formation comes from God's gifts, the Church's formation, and the spiritual hunger of the Intern.  When God has gifted a person with faith and discernment a training program can help that person recognize, strengthen, and purify their gift of discernment.

  • The two-year Internship closes with a process of individual and group discernment that assists the participants to discern if they are called to the ministry of spiritual direction or to another form of faith ministry.  This discernment, also considers the areas of Spiritual Direction to which each intern feels called.

The next Internship in Spiritual Direction will begin August, 2018 at the Archdiocesan Spirituality Center.  Applications are due April 1, 2018.  An Internship will begin August, 2019, at Grand Coteau.  Applications for this Internship are due April 1, 2019

For additional information or to request an application contact the Archdiocesan Spirituality Center (504) 861-3254